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How do I apply for a Mobile (In-Park) Loan?

We have access to private investors that provide funds for (In-Park) loans.  Review the requirements below to see if we can help.  Lending amounts are limited to a portion of value. 




- Mobile must be double wide or (single wide) if in excellent condition


- Must be in approved park


- Must be employed or have other verifiable income - Space rent can not have been late.


- Insurance coverage & current personal property tax must be paid, or deducted from funds.


We can also assist with creating a Seller financed Loan to help sell your mobile home. (Buyer pays substantial down payment & we help you create a secured note and then purchase the note from you for cash).


We prefer mobile home model year 2000 or newer, but will consider older models, if in very good to excellent condition.


Call (602) 433-7560, and we will do our best to help you get the funds you need.

Fill out the form below to contact us:

Please feel free to contact us by phone during regular office hours.  Or you may choose to email us here during or after hours -  

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